Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stay at Home Saturday: No mo suppahtime rut Part 6

One of my favorite dishes to try when we go out to eat on vacations (especially the beach) is fish tacos. They just feel vaction-y to me. At home, it seems like everytime I get on Facebook, someone I know is checking into Cabos Fish Taco, a local hot spot,  for some seaside flavah. Do you have a favorite go-to place for fish tacos?

Turns out, fish tacos are one of Ashlie's favorite things to make at home when needing to get outta her suppahtime rut. Here are her tried n' true taco tips. If you're not a seafood lover, perhaps you may like to try these tips w/ a lil' poultry?

Growing up we had tacos often, but never did I have a fish taco until a few years ago in San Diego.  They were okay, but the best ones I've tasted so far are those made by my amazing sister-in-law.

It's SUPER easy.  Choose your fish.  I buy frozen tilapia on sale at Aldi's or Bi-Lo.  Thaw it, then marinade it.  There are lots of way to do a marinade, but I simply buy those McCormick Grill packs.  I like the Mojo Lime.  YUM!

After marinading for about 15 minutes, bake as you normally would (about 20 minutes).

Next, decide on your toppings.  I like fresh cilantro, avocado, lime juice, lettuce, Rotel chilis, a little cheese, and sour cream.  Last time we had these, I also made the quesadillas from "Deceptively Delicious".  One of the hidden ingredients for that recipe is blending 1/4 cup of light sour cream with 1/2 canned navy beans drained and rinsed.  That actually tasted pretty good, so we used that instead of simple sour cream with our tacos. ;-)

A really good and easy side for this is to take a can of fiesta corn

Drain it and marinade it in a favorite dressing (think vinegar based, like Italian).  Then, serve over spinach or lettuce leaves.

Can't get much easier or more colorful than that!

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