Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Activity List Ideas

Yesterday the post focused on creating a Summer List as a focal point to utilize family time during the summer months. 

Below please find some ideas to consider for your personal list.  Remember, have some fun, educational, spiritual and serving items to do together.  These are merely ideas.

Do what appeals to your family with as few or as many as desired.

Eat dinner outside
Go to the ocean
Visit a local museum
Visit a zoo
Play miniature golf
Go bowling
Boat trip
Visit a water park
Visit a splash pad
Watch a movie outside
Go camping
Camp in the living room
Attend a concert
Wash family cars together and get wet on purpose!
Go out for ice/cream or frozen yogurt
Water balloon fights
Catch fireflies
Paint outside
Get a slurpee
Bubbles outside
Sprinkler fun
Chalk writing in the driveway
Window writing (use window pens)
Have a grill night
Morning walk
Paint crayon rocks
Library time
Shaving cream fight
Drive Daddy to work and have breakfast
Bike riding
Spend night at local hotel
Learn a new board game
Have a game night
Press flowers
Document one day in photographs from start to end
Go out for breakfast
Visit a relative and take lots of photographs of your time together
Complete reading program at local library or one of the local bookstores
Go fishing
Learn a new joke
Memorize scripture
Hopscotch on bubble wrap
Get Chinese take-out
Create homemade t-shirts
Send photographs to loved ones
Write postcards to loved ones
Vacation Bible School
Skype someone
Write to some missionaries
Make treats for neighbors and deliver as a family
Make treats for the local fire station and deliver as a family
Prepare boxes for Operation Christmas Child
Have a silly string fight (outside)
Try a new vegetable
Try a new fruit
Have a scavenger hunt
4th of July Parade
Have a GIANT family sundae
Surprise Dad at work for lunch
Go on a surprise picnic after church or one evening
Fly a kite
Visit a new restaurant
Go on a secret destination (surprise outing night)
Have a garage sale
Go garage sale hunting
Indoor picnic on the living room floor
Unbirthday party
Breakfast for dinner
Baking time with Mom
Date nights with Mom/Dad
Go to a candy store and let each child select a special treat

Make lots of fun memories this summer!  Please share your ideas in the comments.




CC said...

What a creative, fun list Caroline! I believe we'll be adapting some for our summer as well. :)

Caroline said...

CC, thanks for your comment. I thought of you when I typed baking in the kitchen with Mom :) Blessings to you.

HPS said...

This list looks so fun and gets me so excited that I want to do them all in one day. Such great ideas! Thank you, Caroline. They don't call you Happy 4 for nuthin! :)