Friday, June 3, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: Consignment Store Props & Monthly Reading Program

Awhile ago, my friend, Katie, referred me to a new consignment store in our area. I've had some bad consignment store experiences--mostly due to lack of organization--so I ventured to this new store called Kid 2 Kid with somewhat low expectations. Much to my surprise, it exceeded my expectations and I instantly fell in love.

The store was clean, organized, not crowded, pleasing to the eye...It didn't leave me with the feeling that I needed to plow through dust and moth ball odor to find a glimmer of a treasure. In fact, at just a glance, I spotted many boutique and trunk show items in excellent condition at a fraction of the cost. Right up my alley! Not to mention, the toy, book, gift (many brand new Melissa and Doug items) and BOW selection (beautiful, brand new bows of all sizes at very reasonable prices. Oh, how I love those bows!).

Kid to Kid (K2K) is a nationwide chain and we are blessed to have TWO in our hometown. I highly recommend you check their website to find the closest one to you. They have some great programs from which you can benefit.

  • Income- If you consign at K2K, you have the option to receive cash or an additional 20% if you choose to receive store credit.
  • Frequent Shopper's Discount- Be sure to ask for a punch card and they will stamp your card for every $10 you spend. After you fill the card, you will receive 20% off your entire purchase on your next visit.
  • Discount per transaction- If you sign up for their email list, K2K will email you any sales and specials plus a monthly password so that you can receive $5 off a $25 or more purchase. This usually ends up scoring me a free bow! :)
  • Reading program-This last program has been a hidden gem and you don't want to miss it if you have a K2K in your area. Praise the Lord for my friend, Tara, that spilled the beans, or boy, would we have been missing out. Turns out, K2K will give you a Book Club card per child (they even gave me one for my one year old twins) and your child (or you) can pick one book-per card-per month- FREE up to $1.99. If you select a book over $1.99, you simply pay the difference. It makes for a great summer outing and we ended up getting three precious books today for a mere $3.00 out of pocket. How perfect is that to add to your fab new book organizational system from yesterday?!?! :)
Hope you have one of these great franchises near you so you can take advantage of it's opportunities. If not, perhaps you should open one in your area?!?! Just sayin...

Happy Friday ya'll!


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