Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: SavvyCents Discount!

You may remember the SavvyCents Debt Free wallet introduced here and our great giveaway of one here. Sweet Melinda, the designer and owner of SavvyCents, emailed me yesterday with a special 15% discount code she thought the ladies of the Roof may like to take advantage of for either teacher appreciation or end of the year teacher gifts. Isn't she so thoughtful?!?!

  • This code is specifically for her red wallet.
  • It starts today and ends on May 18th so spread the word!
  • Coupon Code:  1305141870
If you're interested, just scoot on over here to check out SavvyCents and here to place your order for one, two or maybe even three (depending on how many chill'uns and teachers you have) red wallets! This wallet is already only a budget friendly 26.00 fully priced so with your special discount it will only be 22.10. Not too shabby for a cuuuuute, stylish (and useful) wallet.

Thank you, Melinda!

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