Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~ The Debt-Free Wallet

In January 2009 our family transitioned to a cash budget system. This has been especially helpful in sticking to our grocery and entertainment budget. If we don't have the cash, we don't spend! I have been using plain white envelopes and they get the job done. Then, I heard about the Savycents wallet and had to give it a try! I've used it for the last two weeks and wanted to give you an honest review. Overall, I LOVE IT!
  • My friend and I got the red color and it's so easy to find in our big purses (there's also black and pink).
  • There is plenty of room for all of my cards (insurance, AAA, prescription, debit, etc) plus room for my checks and stamps.
  • You can't tell from the photo, but behind each tab there are two sections. The first, I put my rewards cards. The second, I put my cash. Ex. Under my "entertainment" tab I have my 2010 Entertainment Book card. Under my "personal" tab I have my Carolina Clipper business cards. Under my "grocery" tab I have my store reward cards. You know I love organization and things are so easy to find!
  • Even with all of the above mentioned stuff the wallet is easy to zip and it doesn't feel tight. Great quality!
  • When I personalized the blank labels to say "Coupons" and "ECBs" my fonts don't match the labels that came with the wallet. Also, my labels print on white paper and the others are clear. They just don't match. I realize this would not bother most people and that my friends are smiling right now. But, it would be nice if you order the wallet online to have the option of custom labels. I've seen this sort of thing on the etsy website. Just a thought.
The wallets are $24.99 + tax/shipping. You can order it online here or if you're in the Charlotte area you can get it at Mud Pie in the Blakeney Shopping Center off Rea Road. I know you'd pay at least that for another wallet...and this one helps you save money!! Trust me, if you stop using your debit card and use only cash you will save the $24.99 in the first month. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Happy Saving!

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Happy Four said...

Richelle, I think I will get one :)