Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stay at Home Saturday – Tackle Your Projects!

This past Monday morning was a blissfully dreary, rainy day. Bliss? Rain? Do they go together? Yes, sometimes they do! Some days we need nature to force us to stay home, quit running around town, and just BE HOME. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, but sometimes I think we stay-at-home moms forget to ever stay home!

I decided to tackle a few projects that have been, ahem, set aside for a little while. I am a terrible procrastinator! (Actually, I am a very good procrastinator because I do it so well!) So I decided to let the kids entertain themselves for a little while and jump on a few things. I:

- cleaned my coffee maker

- replaced the battery in my son’s monkey clock – dead for over a year! The battery, that is.


- put pictures in a picture frame that I got at my daughter’s baby shower – about 18 months ago. Yes, it has been decorating her room this whole time.

- cleaned my makeup brushes (you can do this cheaply with a few drops of baby shampoo and warm water). Yes, I do have way too many brushes.


- and, finally, the most embarrassing project – I vacuumed my stairs and upstairs, which had gone un-vacuumed for weeks. The dust in there? Pretty much all from that day. Oh my.


What projects are you putting off? Take it from me – it feels so good to get them done!

And finally, just to give you a good laugh, here is a picture of a dinner I made last weekend. This was my THIRD time attempting it, and I officially surrender. This went in the trash can and we ate frozen pizza. Again. It is supposed to be a pizza roll that you slice into pieces, like cinnamon rolls. Homemade pizza rolls! Yeah, right. Homemade pizza glop is more like it! I stomped my feet, cried, was ugly to my husband. I give up.


Happy Easter, everyone! Praise the Lord for His Redeeming Love!



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