Friday, May 27, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: Road Trip Survival 101

Yesterday was my childs...
It's officially SUMMAHTIME (at least, for us). It's also a LONG weekend and there was no better way to kick it off than sitting down last night for BLT's after a day in the HOT sun topped off with a Bruester's Ice Cream celebration. Just the beginning of barefeet, smell of fresh cut grass, sound of kids playing outside, bounty of produce from the garden, days at the pool, road trips..... Love me some summer in the South!

Speaking of road trips, many of you are probably headed out somewhere for the weekend. If not this weekend, I've heard of lots of people hittin the beach as soon as their own school gets out. You don't wanna forget Angela's road trip survival kit for your sweet lil car riders!

When my boys were 3 and 6 months, we took a car trip to visit family and it was a nightmare! An 8 hour trip took 10. There was screaming, throwing, spills, and when we arrived to our destination, I was worn out, had a pain in my neck and I wanted to run away and scream! I didn't have a plan. My boys are now 6 yrs and 3 yrs old. Car trips are still a challenge, but they are much better because we have a PLAN! 

Our family has several big trips this summer. Lots of weddings and visiting family. A few of them are 8 hours or more. I love the dvd player in the car, but I really don't want my kids watching non-stop dvd's the entire time. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but they get cranky after all that tv. My HUSBAND came up with this clever little idea for my boys for the car. It's BRILLIANT! (Man, I really wish I had come up with it.) But, I decorated them. Yep, eh! :)

1. Travel Tubs:
Each of my boys have their very own tub. I drew some of their favorite themes on the tops. I took them to each of their rooms and let them pick a few toys and I put some inexpensive NEW surprises in there too. Yes, that is a PEOPLE magazine of Zack and Cody in Will's box. He loves that show. There are some activity books, a new box of crayons (Crayola $1.14 at Wal-mart), action figures, etc. I didn't let them open their boxes until after they ate their breakfast in the car. The anticipation made it more fun!


Yes, I wrote out a schedule. My sister n law gave me this idea. This helped me SO MUCH on a recent trip. I found my boys asking me..."Mom, what's next on our list?" When I gave them allotted time for an activity, they were much more likely to finish it and not get bored. And, bonus, we didn't have the dvd players on all day. 

3. Honest Kids Juice
I'm a huge fan of these juice drinks. They are 100% natural, and VERY LOW IN SUGAR! They are high in antioxidants and have fruits like pomegranate. These 2 things do not go together: being cooped up in a car and sugar. They do not mix! These handy fruit drinks keep my kids hydrated and we don't spend the extra money on drinks through the drive thru's.

Be safe in your travels this summer! Happy Trails!

Love, Angela

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CC said...

Great suggestions! So excited it's summertime. Let the fun begin! :)