Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: The REAL Students in Homeschool...

I hope you've enjoyed reading encouraging words from Becky Seamon of the blog "High Heels at His Feet" this month. It's been a real treat to have her insight on the adventures of homeschooling. The following is part 3 of a series she has written.

What I Have Learned From 17 Years of Homeschooling Part 3

“Lessons for Mom”

Not only have I learned that I can only home school through His strength by bathing each step in prayer, but I have learned that character trumps book learning in preparation for life and service to God.

It is a comforting truth that the greatest lessons are not ones that come from a text book. I believe the deepest traits my children will use in this world have been lessons of character. Don’t get me wrong, we use curriculum from cover to cover. We have a daily schedule and lesson plans. I take this responsibility very seriously. However, Godly character will carry one through the difficult places of learning and life.

With a concept of honesty, one will do his “best as unto the Lord.” With determination, one can continue until there is completion.

Through character traits combined with the Lord as one’s guide, our children will be prepared for life. I have witnessed home-scholars that not only survive in this world but thrive. I believe this is because Godly character traits were taught through home educating.

I have also learned that siblings can be best of friends. My children have grown to deeply love and respect each other.

My 14 year old states that his brother is his best friend. They are very close. They have been known to complete each others' sentences while sleeping.

I recall when one of our sons volunteered to take the punishment of his brother. Tears ran down my face as he endured his brother’s spanking. Through my son’s wisdom, his brother’s hardened heart melted. It was a turning point of submission to authority.

I have seen an older sister care and tend to younger siblings with the sweetest of compassion.

This bond has been formed one step at a time from hours, days, years together at home through their childhood. They were not separated by age and classroom. They played together, learned together, and worked together. They created memories together. It has developed a bond that has not been easily broken.

I have also learned that teenage years can be the best of times. It does not have to be a rebellious stage. We have enjoyed our children at every period of life. I am not saying that we have enjoyed every moment. Parenting has been the hardest yet most rewarding journey I have ever traveled. Yet, there is a state of completion when your children move from the parent/child relationship into a friend relationship. Having young adults that respect and love their parents is an inexplicable joy.

“Treasured Moments”

In closing let me add, if I could do one thing over, it would be to relax and take pleasure in each moment. Truly, I would love to go back in time for just one afternoon. Instead of focusing “to get it all done,” I would take the afternoon and just play with my children…a game, a walk, even to just sit with my little one and hold him tight. The moments pass quickly and each day is to be treasured.

Today is a special treasure as well. My children are living proof that an ordinary, inadequate mom can teach her children. Our oldest child graduated from Liberty University [this May] with a psychology major. Our oldest son has completed his first year at college. I still have two eager boys learning at home. I never dreamed it possible 17 years ago. I only mention this as encouragement to you. By God’s grace, it can be done and it can be done well. Don’t quit in this journey my sweet sister. From one home school mom to another, it is worth it. Your efforts will pay off. Your little ones will grow up and thrive in this world. And you may discover that your children are not the only ones being “schooled” in your home.

Thanks again, Becky for your real life observations!

Sisters, come back next week! School is O-U-T for the summer, so I KNOW you need some good ideas to help "entertain the kiddos" ;-)


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