Friday, November 26, 2010

Free-for-all Friday: Christmas Card Creativity

It's the time for Christmas Cards. I know you love receiving the variety as well as spreading the love with your own. If you haven't done yours yet, I have some tips for you!

Over the years I have found a couple of ways to cut down on the cost of Christmas cards. Through the year, I always look at the clearance section in Target in the invitation section. For the last 2 years I have found boxes of 50 blank invitations with response cards for under $10. Each box includes 50 blank decorated card stock cards with lined envelopes. Also in this box is 50 response cards. I take advantage of photo deals from online photography houses. This year I got 50 prints for $5 which included shipping. My box of cards was $6.50. I start with the 50 large invitations, and when I run out, I will get smaller photos and use the response cards. They make the cutest cards!

Another idea is to use your scrap booking stamps and get card stock in the wedding invitation section at craft stores. You can get a box of 100 flat cards with envelopes for $10 and most craft stores have 50% coupons that will make them $5. You can let your kids go crazy with your Christmas stamps then take your glue gun and put photos on top. You will have a very custom card at the cost of close to $5.

Ribbon can make the card! Our craft store has ribbon for .99. I have used a couple of these with the white card stock. Put the card stock in your printer with a bible verse and Merry Christmas and you have yet another card for a very low cost. Add free pictures to these and I promise you will love the outcome.

Please post any other fun ideas your family has used in the past to spice up this activity of Christmas.

Savings Tip ~ For friends and family that live close make an afternoon of hand delivering your cards, save on cost and increase your quality time with family and friends during this holiday!

Have fun!

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