Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Yes, You CAN! (part 4 of Homeschooling series)

Since the start of my homeschooling adventure (which has only been about a year), I have received many unworthy compliments, and heard comments, such as: "You must be soooo patient," "I wish I was organized enough to do it," "I just don't think I'm smart enough to do it," "I know I can't give my kids what they'll need."

If you are considering homeschooling, perhaps you've had those same thoughts and if you are a homeschooling mom, no doubt, you've heard it too. Well, allow me to encourage you, if you feel that this is what God wants you to do, you CAN do it! Not by your own power, will, knowledge and wisdom, but because God equips us to do anything He commands us to do. :) THAT'S encouraging!

Remember in Deuteronomy 6, the list of commands that God gave to the people? He also commanded the parents to teach these things to their children. Those were some pretty big commands! Now, if He can equip us to teach things of such great Spiritual nature to our children for their souls' sakes, don't you think He won't be slack in enabling you to teach your children in the way of academia and life learning?

Guess what? You know the presupposition you have of these "moms" that do it....that they are so organized, patient, and wise? Well, maybe some of them really are, but it is GOD who gave them that skill or brought them through a journey to perfect that in them. Most of them, however, will most likely tell you they are none of these things and don't know how they do it, either (except by God's grace and power).

Perhaps He's longing to perfect you by allowing you to teach your children. I'm convinced that we so despise suffering and trials because of the inconvenience and how it does not add to today's mentality of "pursuing happiness." Yet, in all the avoidance of these opportunities, we are really missing the blessing of becoming more like Christ. We are imperfect, and God longs to chip away at our imperfections to make us more like His Son. We all say we want to be more like Christ until those opportunities come. Wouldn't you love for God to make you the parent you could be for His glory? Wouldn't you love to develop a trusting relationship with your child having you as teacher?

You won't always be perfect at it. You won't always think you can do it, and on your own, you are right, you won't be able to. But if God is speaking this to your heart, the idea of homeschooling, don't hide in fear or dismiss only because of what you think know about yourself and your limitations.

And as for what your child needs, I know most of us love to quote from Psalm 139, especially at the birth of a newborn babe. The awesomeness of a God that formed us and knew us before we were "known"! BUT, have you ever thought about the fact that God also knew who He was giving those children to? He matched up parents with their children because He knows what we each need! He knows your strengths/weaknesses as well as those of your children, and He knows who each can compliment and challenge the other. I believe it! So, don't dismiss your role, responsibility, or abilities. He put you in the right place....your children's place...for a purpose.

I hope that encourages you today!

Much love,

P.S. AFTER I had already had this entry scheduled for posting, a friend and I had a beautiful conversation on Monday with other women considering homeschooling. I have to quote her!:

"It's amazing how Satan deceives us moms into thinking we are ill equipped. Lies are his only tool, for even he knows the victorious power we possess! Today was about exposing that deception and bringing to the forefront the beauty and ability women have to be moms to their children!"

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