Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Parties for Pennies Part 2

I had fun sharing planning parties on a penny part one! I did not get my pics on the post in times so I thought I would follow up with pictures of my great finds.

First, here is a picture of the two boxes that I use all year to collect the items for our personal parties. They are in the top of my closet and when the party comes, everything is gathered in one spot. I will admit that I used to have everything everywhere. I have found this helps a ton.

The second picture is of the party favor bag that cost under $1.00 total. The figure is .50 since I got them on clearance in a pack of 6. The blowers come in at .5 (they were clearance from New Years supplies). I will be using the hats that match for my other sons party later in the year. The skittles were bought with a coupon for pennies and so were the fruit roll ups. This is such a cute idea and far from the $3 a bag I spent last year. This includes the ribbon and bag.

The third picture is a shot of the Tee that I got for $2 at the Disney Store. This was a STEAL and why I am telling you that when you plan in Jan for the upcoming year's parties, your eyes can narrow in on great opportunities! I would have walked right by this tee if we had not planned these parties ahead of time.

I have some fun invite ideas I did last week for the parties. I will do a follow up post on them and some cupcake toppers done for pennies. Happy Planning and Saving!



Anonymous said...

Great tips! I am ALL ABOUT keeping parties simple and cheap. There is no reason to blow your bank account for a child's b-day party. The kids have fun without all the expensive favors and themes. Having fun, eating cake and celebrating the birthday child is what it's all about!


Ashlie Miller said...

Oh, great idea about splitting the themed blowers and hats across two kids' parties! I have 3 boys and haven't thought of that idea yet!

CC said...

i thought of you as i was loading up at walmart tonight imogene! :) end of easter sales - gotta love it!