Monday, April 11, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Not just any birthday...or cake!

This Monday is Marvelous because it is someone VERY special's birthday...not just any MOM's birthday. To me, my mom is the picture of wisdom, beauty and grace...well, really a LOT of adjectives...but any adjective I could use to describe her is an overflow of her sweet, intimate relationship with Jesus. In fact, she recently spoke to a crowd of woman and mentioned that she wants her "lifesong" to be a song to Him. Mom, it already is. Your life is a "fragrant aroma" to so many and especially to me.

Speaking of aromas, my mom has had one lifelong fav birthday cake. Dewey's Bakery Pink Lemonade.
This would be the fourth year that my sister and I have tried to re-create this party in your mouth as a special birthday treat for my mom. Candid Camera could have made boooookoooooos of $$$$$$$ if they had the camera rolling in the kitchen during our previous attempts...the arguments, the tears,the messy result, and best of all, our family's patronizing oooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhhs pretending they loved what we knew was a miserably failed attempt. Simply ha-larious.

Not this year! CC (aka Musing Foodie) stepped in on a replicatin' mission. Between our combined efforts and the needed confidence her moral support gave these two pink lemonade challenged sisters, we have had Victory in Cakeland!!!!! Our family gave SINCERE oooohs and ahhhhs and even went back for more (the true test) and then more again the next meal!!!! We did it. We finally did it. How I wish you could taste.

It's official. We have a secret family recipe. Alway's wanted one of those. Now, if I can just keep it secret.

So....on this marvelous Monday, be free. Feel the freedom to wish my Mom a Happy Birthday, start your own family recipe or, by all means, do tell us the name of your fav dish for which you already have your very own secret familyrecipe!


Imogene Noe said...

Ok so no recipe?

AmyA said...

Happy Birthday, Glenda!! You are a blessing to many, and I hope you know how loved you are, today and every day!