Saturday, April 9, 2011

SAHS: Savory Smackerel~Secret Recipe Brownie Cookie Bars

Today's Stay at Home Saturday is brought to you by a sweeeeet, infectious, cutie patootie named Katherine residing in Blacksburg, VA (Go Hokies!). I actually babysat Katherine from the time she was a itty bitty baby and I was the ripe age of 4th grade until her family left for the mission field and I was a freshman in high school. She gave me gooood practice to be a mommy especially since I had the honor of being the first person to put her beautiful dark ringlets in pigtails. Katherine just recently become a mother herself to a sweet baby girl so we welcome her to the wonderful world of motherhood! I think you'll love Katherine's wit and humor as much as you'll love what she shares and we hope she'll be doing more of that. So, since it's Spring and you'll no doubt be heading to some grilling out gatherings, you can thank Katherine for a dessert that'll be the hit of the town!

A friend brought us dinner and included the most amazing dessert we had ever eaten - this pan of dessert bars with a brownie base and cookie dough on top. I mean, seriously - it was delicious. Why had we never thought about baking these two together? What could be more logical than brownie and cookie? Bacon and eggs ... peanut butter and jelly ... brownie and cookie. It made sense.

We raved about it. We dreamed about it, talked about it, laughed at our reaction, and sat down to eat more of it. We ate it for snack, appetizer, dessert, second-dessert, and to finish off the meal. It lasted all of 36 hours in the house - well, I think we should subtract the 14 hours that were spent outside of the house or sleeping. So, 22 hours of this awesome brownie-cookie bar later, we began lamenting the fact that it was over - OVER! - until the next time we should be lucky enough to receive such a delightful dessert from my thoughtful friend.

Almost weeping at the fact that the brownie-cookie bars were gone, I sent a message to my friend asking for her recipe. Two days later, she saw me at church and slipped me this in between Amazing Grace and the Doxology:

Praise God from Whom all blessing flow!

Shhhhhh. Don't give away the secret recipe, now that I've shared it with you, OK? Or, if you do spread the love, make sure that you give me a cut (literally. I require 50% of the pan).