Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: "My Father's World" (part 3 of Homeschooling series)

I've enjoyed encouraging you moms who are considering homeschooling your children. If you're new to the "series", be sure to go back and check the last 2 weeks of posts. ;-)

This week, I just want to share with you the curriculum that God brought into our lives. We found ourselves gravitating towards the Charlotte Mason approach to learning (see last week's post to find out where you can learn more about different approaches). I needed something already well prepared for me; we wanted something that incorporated real "living" books (not just textbooks); we wanted something that focused on nature and God's world and involved hands-on learning. Those were just a few things we had in mind for our family. Through a mention in Cathy Duffy's book and the referral of some other great ladies, we found "My Father's World" (or rather the curriculum found us).

acting out a favorite chapter from a "real" book

Though we're not quite finished with the K-5 curriculum, I'm already excited about next year (first grade). This year has been all about exploring God's creation as we work through the alphabet together. Each week has it's own theme. For example, "S-s-Sun" for a week, but also a deeper spiritual lesson ("Christ is the Light of the world"). From there, science, math, art, reading all stem from the basic unit of studying the week's theme.

making "creatures" for our "Creation week" study

It is easily laid out, and easy to follow. The week's units are complete and full of great ideas on it's own. However, you can always add or switch up activities based on your child's interest. In fact, there are forums on the site for each lesson with parents offering ideas (activities and books to read) based on their own teaching experiences.

having fun with a HUGE magnifying glass

Not only have my boys enjoyed their "classtime" and other learning times exploring God's world, but "My Father's World" has helped my husband and I gain a fresh perspective on life, not just letting it "happen" or pass by without thoughtful reflection even on the simple things. It really has been a breath of fresh air for my family.

I hope that whatever curriculum you choose for your family, the learning brings you all closer to Christ and reflecting on His wonder. After all, isn't that what we all are supposed to be learning?

studying rocks and volcanoes

Next week, encouragement for moms considering homeschooling....or considering pulling out of it. ;-)

Much love,

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