Monday, April 4, 2011

Marvelous Monday: DIY Easter Wreaths

Remember the heart tissue paper wreath here and the cupcake wreath here? You may get a goooood chuckle but I gave it a whirl Easter style. I'm not totally hit in the head with it but here goes nothing....
Now, my friend, Clyda got creative w/ some foamy Easter eggs and tissue paper. Same principle...cardboard backing, hot glue...go wild. She's sending me a clearer picture but here you go in the meantime. Also, I happened to see these foam eggs at the Dollar Tree yesterday.
Her little girl got bored gluing so she filled in the holes with tissue. Good ole tissue paper! Always works in a pinch. Kinda like duct tape. :)

Here's another idea if you're feeling kinda funky. I got this cheap wreath in the $1 section at Target just to give an Easter-y touch to my daughter's bedroom door.

 A couple days later, lo and behold, I ran across this blog where they implemented the exact same wreath along with a picture frame and wooden letter for an even grander creation. It looks pretty easy!
What Easter or Spring creations are decorating your doors?!?! Do tell. Happy Monday. Have a MARVELOUS one!


Karen said...

Super cute ideas! My front door is looking kind of bare these days ... need to work on that! Thanks for the inspiration!

AlliG said...

THANK YOU for featuring my frame wreath from!