Sunday, January 9, 2011

Marvelous Monday: It's a VistaPrint Valentine's!

You've been introduced to VisaPrint here. Meanwhile, I have a busy month coming up and am trying to dot my "i"s and cross my "t"s. This includes getting ready for Valentine's Day!

When I think of getting ready for Valentine's for my child, I automatically remember those little Valentine's cards that you pass out to your classmates. Instead of getting a pack for $5 at the drugstore, why not get them personalized (even better) and for FREE from VistaPrint?!??! I took VP up on their free premium business cards and ordered my daughter the cutest little Valentine cards w/ cupcakes AND her name printed on them. It so happens they come in quantities of 250 cards so I guess we'll be blessing boookooos of peeps this year OR I'll be set with Valentine notes for several years to come. Nothing like planning ahead!

I also created and ordered this cutie patootie banner to go on our mantle (again...for free)! I've ordered a birthday banner from VistaPrint before and their banners are a nice,durable vinyl that you can keep for multiple occasions.

You can also remember teacher's gifts! I know Teacher Appreciation is coming up at our school so I ordered some great personalized items for my daughter's teachers along w/ the set of 25 magnets as a treat to go along w/ the Valentine cards.

Share some of your VP creations with us! We can never have tooooo many helpful ideas.

Happy Monday, ya'll!




Ashlie Miller said...

I like following your love affair with VP ;-) Maybe I'll actually order something this time!

AmyA said...

Oh, let me count the ways I have used VistaPrint . . . business cards as child's name cards to use on birthday presents; postcards with our family's names on the front and a blank back to use as thanks you/baby shower/wedding cards; postcards for my sister-in-law to write notes to her students . . . the list goes on for how you can use VP freebies!