Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: March GIVEAWAY Winner Announced

Drumroll, please.....


The winner of the March Giveaway "Jesus Storybook Bible" is:

The Westmorelands!!!

It looks like you guys will have another JSB to give to someone you love (since you are already big fans). What a great discipleship and evangelistic tool to give to your friends and neighbors!

If you didn't win, I still strongly encourage you to find this wonderful Bible at your local Christian bookstore or order it online. It will be one of the best investments for your family's library - one that you will eagerly pull off the shelves again and again.

Much love,

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The Westmorelands said...

thanks, ashlie!!! i already know who i'll be giving it to. i gave one to a friend a couple of months ago, and she has said to me several times since, "have i told you how much we LOVE that bible you gave us??? it is AWESOME." thanks for spreading the word! oh...and shepherding a child's heart is another one of my faves. i will definitely keep following your blog! :)