Saturday, December 5, 2009

Stay-at-home Saturday: Question for YOU!

I need your help. It's no secret that I greatly dislike cleaning. In fact, I'm writing this post right now when I should be cleaning. You know how it goes: I got up from eating my lunch because my downstairs is a wreck and I need to straighten it up. I decided to check my email first, which led to me checking out the Pampered Chef website, which led to a phone call to my mom. My baby then started crying, which reminded me to clean while I still have time, which led me to thinking about my iPod, which led to this post. I'm a very productive person, you see.

Okay, I want to make a cleaning playlist. I need music to get me up and motivated to work. I need upbeat, fun, high energy music to get me excited to clean. Well, that may be a stretch, but the music at least should get my foot tapping as I work. Got any suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section for me. You can leave an entire playlist or just a song or two. I just need some ideas!

Okay, off to clean. Oh wait, the mail is here! I should go check it - maybe there are some Christmas cards in there . . .




gmt said...

"Awaken" by Natalie Grant is an older song that I use to run to...and I still get motivated listening to it!

Ashlie Miller said...

Do you have iTunes on your computer? If so, you can turn on the Genius feature and it will create playlists for you based on a single song you like. Maybe that will help pull songs from your own library. It can also pull songs from the iTunes store that would go well with a song/list you already have.

Suggestions (I personally like songs I can dance to when I clean...and yes, I am challenged with motivation, like you): Britt Nicole's "How We Roll" and a few other songs on "How the Lost Get Found"; almost any song on Group 1 Crew's "Ordinary Dreamers" project; most anything by TobyMac.

HPS said...

I just left a long comment and it got erased.

I KNOW you can get your clean (and praise) on to Israel Houghton!!

Some other goodies:
-Shane&Shane (love them but some of it is more mellowish but "I'm Alive" and "beg" come to mind)
-Most any 3rd Day but LOVE Consuming Fire
-Starfield-Hand that Holds the World
-Hillsong-This is How we Overcome
(how fitting)

FOr good measure:
Michael Buble-Baby You've got What it Takes, Heartache Tonight
Beyonce-Single Ladies :)
Topped of w/ some good ole beach music (Chairman of the Board, Embers, Tams)...can't go wrong. :)

I'll keep thinking. :)

AmyA said...

These are great suggestions - thanks! I'm going to play around more with the Genius feature on iTunes as well. Hopefully I will be psyched to clean next week, thanks to you ladies!

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