Monday, December 7, 2009

Mahvelous Monday: Your Christmas-y Craft Concoctions!

Special thanks to some GREAT ideas we've gotten from fellow RWAV-ers. These are too cute to wait for Free-for-all Friday so they're getting bumped up to Maaaaahvelous Monday. :)

First we have Beth of Tangled Eutopia's beautiful DIY Christmas topiary (similar to Friday's wreath idea). If you head over to Beth's blog, be sure to also notice just how cooooool it is b/c she won our blog makeover by our very own Jaime Beitler giveaway in April.

One more thing~speaking of Christmas balls, if you live in the vicinity of Harris Teeters (the grocery store), they already have their big honkin' colorful Christmas balls on sale for like 4.99 a piece (1/2 off). I also noticed that Target's weren't too shabby of a price. I bet both places will mark them down even more before it's all said and done.

Next, we have Allie of Monkeys on. the. bed and her DIY doormat for any occasion. This is so cute and so doable! I can see the possibilities now. I might also see a collection of doormats in my future. :)
Cutie patootie, girls! Thank you for sharing. You other RWAVers don't be shy. Come on outta the craft closet and share your Christmas-y Craft Concoctions that we can all benefit from. Email us at!