Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday In The Word.

Ruth Graham has been such a strong influence on my life. Her faith and ability to recall scripture always captivated me. It made me want to commit scripture to memory early in my walk with the Lord. It is so amazing how the Holy Spirit will just bring a certain scripture to your mind precisely at the moment you need it.

Recently, I have come across another scripture that is going into my mind and heart because it encourages me so much right now and I am sure it will surface just when I need it later.

And He will be the stability of your times, A wealth of salvation, wisdom and knowledge; The fear of the LORD is his treasure. Isaiah 33:6

The world is so unstable right now, you know that. It can unsettle the strongest. Recently our national leader said that we were not a Christian nation and has taken some disturbing actions. It can cause us to be unstable and insecure to say the least. However, our pastor made and excellent point this week when he said our prayers need to be about the Kingdom of God being manifest on this earth and less about our wants, our needs, who we think needs to be in positions or not in positions, our limited sphere of understanding and more about God orchestrating His order right here on earth.

Shouting from the rooftop:

Jesus is the only stability of our times

Jesus makes us rich because He saved us

Jesus will give you wisdom and understanding

When our eyes are on Him we receive treasures beyond our comprehension.

Let us take our instability and ask God to exchange it for His stability. He has wisdom, understanding and treasures beyond any of our comprehensions.

I am praying for you that He alone will be your stability.


Tami said...

Amen Glenda! Standing on the Rock of Jesus!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, thank God we have a hope in these troubled times and we can share that hope with the lost who are these uncertain times.

Cissie said...

Thank you for the encouraging reminder Glenda!

Heather said...

I appreciate the concise truth you have shared; God bless you!

HPS said...

This is a powerful reminder. That scripture is EXCELLENT. I need to put it on my kitchen window sill!