Monday, April 20, 2009

Tanning Cream...Don't let this happen to you!!!

**Disclaimer - I believe that we are created in God's image and are ALL beautiful, no matter what shade our skin is. This is for all my fellow tanning cream sufferers out there! 

After 15 years of scrubbing, lemon juice, exfoliating, and trying every different tanning cream on the market, I've FINALLY mastered this very delicate art. The ART of applying tanning cream. I have to say before I give you my super secret tips, that I am a white girl. I mean, WHITE! I don't tan, I freckle and burn. So, for me, this is a healthier choice. Tanning beds aren't good for you. There I said it. I have had skin cancer in almost 50 different spots. Some people are more prone, and I am one of them.

With that said, if you are looking for a healthy glow, I'm going to give you my successful tanning cream tips. 

First we need to start with products. I have used everything from the $4.99 off brand bottle to the VERY expensive stuff and here's the BEST...are you ready?...... L'OREAL Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion and Bath and Body Works Island Hot Spot Body Scrub.

*Give yourself enough time to be able to do this before bed and let it dry.

***Don't be in a hurry. You don't want to slap this stuff on like you're scrubbing the kitchen counter. Take your time. It will pay off!

1. Take a shower. Exfoliate either with a loofa or an exfoliating cleanser. Example: St. Ives Apricot scrub.

2. Dry off very well. Then start applying your cream. Put a small dollup in the palm of your hand and apply to legs first. Avoid your ankle bones and only put a slight amount over the knee cap as well.

3. After you've done your legs...take a break and EXFOLIATE YOUR HANDS!!! Use a very coarse scrub (like the B&B Works scrub) Sometimes, I will even scrub after each leg so the bronzer doesn't have any time at all to sink into the palm of my hands.

4. Apply on arms and upper body and anywhere else you want a glow. I like putting it on my tummy, because it makes it look smaller! Avoid elbows and wrist bones as well.

5. Scrub hands again. Be sure not to drip water on your legs or arms. Sometimes it will run and you'll be able to see it the next day.

6. Take a look. If you think you may have put too much on any area, example: knees, ankles, etc. Take a damp towel and gently rub that area. You'll see a little bit come off on the towel.

7. Let it air dry. Usually 15-20 minutes is sufficient. You'll know it's dry when you don't feel sticky anymore.

8. Get some sleep.

9. In the morning take a shower, using a loofa (one of those soft scrunchie things) rinse off all the areas you applied cream.

10. Put on some nice smelling lotion, and you're good to go!Voila! A sun-kissed glow without the UV rays! The lighting in this picture has a reddish tint, but I PROMISE it's a nice brown color!

Try it out and let us know how it goes. Happy bronzing!


Melanie said...

Somehow, Angela, I knew this was you before I ever scrolled to the bottom of the text!
Have you ever tried Sally Hansen Legs?

Erin said...

Great tips! Can't wait to try it. thanks for sharing!

Donna said...

Yes, I knew it was you, too! When I see tanning creams I always think about you:)

Yo Mama said...

I have a tanning story I am sure you will love!!!!

Adrienne Berry said...

Thanks for the tip, I was just thinking today about going to the tanning bed. One question though, how long does it last? said...

Hi Adrienne,
It will last about 3-4 days (the "glow" that is). But usually by day 3, I layer on a little more, once I see it starting to fade.

Happy bronzing! said...

Yo Mama,
That's hilarious! You and I may have been switched at birth! ha! I can't tell you how many times I had water streaks on my legs! But, it was tap water, not my water BREAKING! That story was one to beat. Oh and congratulations on your baby!

Kristi said...

FYI - The Loreal tanning product is on sale this week at CVS. I think it is buy one get one free.