Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Day to Let Go


June 1993: boy meets girl, love at first sight.
July 1993-January 2000: emotional roller coaster of dating.
January 15,2000: beautiful fairytale wedding.
January 16,2000: reality.

Marriage is the number one place I see women tested (I can put myself at the top of those women!). We are striving to fulfill the ideal woman's role. Beautiful, intelligent, wise, organized, creative, funny, resourceful, great in bed, patient, loving and kind. We were the princess on our wedding day and somewhere along the way we became the slave girl who is serving everyone elses needs but our own. We are programmed to believe the world revolves around us, the princess, when in fact the world should revolve around the King, KING JESUS!

The motto of Survivor is outwit, outplay and outlast. Who are we kidding! Life is not a competition and we are not the enemy of each other. Why do we become the adversary of our husbands when we are to be his helpmate (Genesis 2:18-25)? Two worlds exist: God and Satan. These are the teams. When we chose to fight against our God given role we are rejecting God and therefor playing on the opposing team. Scary.

The challenge:
1) What area of your marriage are you deceiving yourself or manipulating your husband? Stop what you are doing, close your eyes, and ask God to reveal this to you...He will show you.

2) Take a minute to get on your knees and ask God to release you from the burden of being "strong". Let God come in and reign in the place you keep trying to control. Open your arms in an act of surrender to the King.

3) Go to your husband and confess the area you are trying to take control. Confess any wrong attitude, wrong desire or deceitful words you may have spoken to him this week or over the course of your relationship with him. Tell him you want to work with him and ask him to share any areas he feels you are pushing against him. WOW, being vulnerable is scary but so impacting on our husbands hearts.

4) The most exciting part about God transforming us is shouting it from the ROOF so that we can all share in giving the King the glory. I would love to hear your personal testimony of how God is working in your life today! Post your comment!


HPS said...

Phew, Annie...I'll admit this prompts my heart. Thank you for sharing this. I know the Lord will use least he has for me. Bless you!

Aundrea-aka Zerbert Baby said...

Thanks Annie. I love reading your posts, and more than that, applying them in my marraige.

Tara M said...

WOW, did this post really impact me! It is SO amazing how God will reveal things to you and speak to you when you stop and ask and LISTEN. Thank you for that step-by-step process that I just needed right now. God bless you for being His vessel.