Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Hi ladies!

Just wanted to keep you posted that RWAV is taking a rest just for today. Hope you have been able to enjoy time with the one's you love throughout the weekend.

Stay tuned for Monday with Angela and an exciting giveaway that we have coming up next week!

We would LOVE to hear the highlight of any of your Valentine's or a special way that your spouse surprised you. Valentine's can be very challenging for some spouses let's give them credit where credit is due. Will you comment and share your highlights with us?!??!

Love ya'll and Happy Sunday!

P.S. Don't forget those papers so you'll have more coupons for Thrifty Thursday.


Michelle Cherikos said...

I have a ring that has Aiden's birthstone in it. My husband surprised me with a ring with Xander's birthstone and I LOVE IT. He is so sweet.

HPS said...

WOOO HOOOOO!!!! Go Mr. A!!!! Thanks for sharing, Michelle. Can't wait to see it.

Tara M said...

A highlight of my Valnetine's: On the way home last week I saw a man standing on the side of Johnston Road saying "Order your chocolate-dipped strawberries for Valentines TODAY at Kilwin's!" I just love those so I got the crazy idea to leave a note for Jonathan from cupid with the idea for his sweetie for Valentines. AND you'd know it, come Saturday I had a delicious afternoon treat... He got me a dozen of them!! I still have two more left I'm saving till tomorrow! Little pleasures can be so great!!

HPS said...

Way to gently help out your Valentine, Tara, and KUDOS to your hubby for taking your hint and running w/ it. That was a win-win for both of you. :)