Monday, February 16, 2009

Marvelous Monday: I'm Coming out of the closet, about my closet!

If I were to take a picture of any other room in my house right now, it would look neat and orderly. I make my bed every morning, and try to keep the kitchen free of clutter. But this is the skeleton in my "closet". I am really resisting the urge to just delete this post all together. But I feel like if I air my "dirty laundry" I will feel a burden lifted. This is my closet. I have winter and summer clothes colliding in here and it's created the PERFECT STORM! I have a bucket of clothes I want to sell on ebay and clothes I haven't worn in years. They're going...buh-bye! I wish I could have the Closet Innovations people come and do this for me, but I created the mess, I gotta clean it up! Consider this my BEFORE picture.

Who needs 10 pairs of pj's? I thought I did. But now I'm down to 5. I made plenty of space so that keeping it neat and tidy shouldn't be so difficult. And the purses...OH, the purses. I got rid of 4 and cleaned out the rest. And let me tell you, I found some treasures!!! Here's just a few things I found:

My favorite silver earrings with "A" on them

My tweezers

68 cents - finder's keepers! :)

$25 Gift card to Chili's - cha-ching!

VS mints

Pens/Pencils and one eyeliner

And 2 books of stamps!
So during this process, I was motivated. Now, I'm going to tackle the kitchen drawers and my pantry. I'm going to tackle them ALL! No closet or cabinet is safe!
Here's my challenge to you...

Pick one cabinet, drawer, sock bin, toy basket, etc. Clean it out! You'll be surprised how much better it will make you feel. And, getting dressed in the morning is much more fun. My clothes feel a little more appreciated too! :)

I'm so excited for Paul to come home and see this. He'll actually be able to get to HIS closet now without having to STEP OVER my stuff! Embarrassing!


Melanie said...

You're a brave woman.
Our church is doing "The Big Give" so I plan to start clearing the clutter today. My closet is first! No pics though.

glenda said...

I am with you sister Hannah can atest to the fact that my closet is more like the before pic you have motivated me thank you

Donna said...

Angela--perfect post because I'm in the mood for Spring Cleaning! I will say that my closet is not messy, but other closets in my house are! I will tackle them soon:)

Dolly said...

You have motivated me for sure! I need to get rid of so much.

Momofgirls said...

Thanks for sharing this! We really all do have too much "stuff". I have been tackling one closet at a time, and let me tell you, with 3 girls there are some CLOTHES! I just organized my scrapbook closet last night, I should have taken a before picture...once I got it all out I was saying to myself "what have I done?"

Thanks for the encouragement to get organized!!

Windsor said...

This post made me laugh! You are so cute! I am going to tackle my pantry this week!

Michelle Cherikos said...

Your closet looks great!