Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Train Up Tuesday: I HEART Resourcefulness!

Okay, this really isn't a deep subject, but I love resourcefulness. Sometimes I get mistaken for someone who is creative, when in reality, I think it's just that I'm, thrifty...and don't like throw too many things away that I think I could use for another purpose (don't worry, I'm not THAT bad!'ll never see me on one of those hoarders shows). I prefer the word "resourceful" over cheap and thrifty, though.

Things that get me excited? Well, Pinterest (naturally). But also, I recently found You can check off what you already have on hand in your pantry and fridge and voila! SEVERAL recipes for you to make based on your list! (Okay, so, if you don't have very much on hand, I suppose your list would be pretty short.) I made fried cheese...yeah, just shredded cheese fried in a pan. My kids loved it...why couldn't I think of THAT on my own?!

I also recently read an email sent to me on the hundreds of uses for coffee filters. And guess what? When I was making said fried cheese, I was out of paper filters fit the bill that day :)

So what's the point of this and how does it relate to kiddos? Train them to be resourceful! Yeah, I know that's simple and seems like common sense, but I think that today's kids have missed out on learning "street smarts" and resourcefulness. We have gadgets and gizmos for everything these days. Many kids are super busy with so many "things" and activities, and when they do have the rare moments of being bored, they aren't encouraged to be left to their imaginations.

We all know the best 5 toys of all time include a box, a stick, and a string. If you have to "give" something to your child to encourage imagination and resourcefulness, start with those basics. When your child asks for something she doesn't have, suggest an alternative in using something she already owns. Make a game of coming up with as many different ideas or uses for one toy, tool, or gadget. Pretend you are an alien from another planet and trying to figure out what the gadget is. Look for open-ended toys to encourage play.

It's in boredom and in times of "want" that creativity and resourcefulness really blossom! Think of the great inventions and stories that come from these times! Don't sell your child short by not allowing him to use the gift of time and the things around him and in his head to do or make something spectacular (in his or her own world).

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AshleyKL said...

Ashlie, I do think you are very talented and creative in your personal style!