Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Train Up Tuesday: My 3 Sons

I love being a mom, for so many reasons (although from recent posts you've learned what an exhausting job it can be!). One of the things I love about relationships that God allows us to experience (friendships, marriage, parenthood) is how it can cause us to wonder about God's relationship with us.

Recently, now that I have 3 boys with 3 personalities and various needs, I've been praying (quite earnestly) about making sure that God makes up the difference in the attention and time that I give to each child. I love them all so much, but sometimes I fear that one may lack in the attention he needs from momma.

My oldest child is in his second year of homeschool. That means he gets lots of attention from me (thought not always my completely undivided attention). He thrives on learning and doing new things.

My youngest child is a newly walking toddler, into everything, exploring everything, and still needing mommy for lots of things (especially attention). I love the "newness" of this relationship and discovering his personality.

Then, there is my precious middle son, and if you have a "middle" you know what I mean. He sometimes will observe classtime lessons and do the activities to the best of his ability, but usually he wants to get into something other than what is on task. :) He often gets "into trouble", "on my nerves" (asking for things that I can't do at that moment), or like at this VERY moment he is under my arm shaking my hand as I type making an otherwise easy task quite difficult. But....I love him for it. And I know he probably lacks in getting the most attention. So, I have to be purposeful in taking him with me on errands (alone), letting him help me in the kitchen (though it takes at least twice as long), and just holding his hand while walking through the house to let him know I know he is there, and I am there for him.

I wonder if God lets us see this as parents to maybe let us catch a glimpse of Him. We all are in different parts of our walk with Him. Are we deep in His Word, learning about Him, walking with Him and thriving in that each day? Are we new in Christ and relishing in all that the newness brings? Or maybe we feel like we are missing out on something (whether or not it is of our on doing). Yes, sometimes the nearness we feel to Christ is a result of correction, but sometimes it can be His presence as we seemingly struggle in finding where we "fit" with Him and His family.

Regardless of where we are "in THE family", it is so reassuring to know that God wants to draw near to us and will use any means necessary to bring us to that point. Yes, He indeed draws near to those who draw near to Him.

My sweet middle son is indeed striving to draw near to mom, and though I may not be able to give him the same attention as his brothers, I desire to be near him, too. And, though through different methods, I do just that.

If you feel yourself as a mom, struggling to keep balance with your babies and their needs for your attention, pray to the Father to help you make up the difference and that HE would make up the difference in their lives as well.

And take time to thank Christ for wherever you are in your relationship with Him. Seek to draw near to Him and thank Him for how He expresses His love towards you, even though it may not look just like the way He is expressing it to someone else. "Oh, how He loves us!"


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Chad A. Miller said...

I happen to know this incredible lady and be in the lives of these 3 gifts from Heaven...I'm thankful for the glimpses of our Heavenly Father that we get here in our jars of clay clanging against one another.