Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: The Conspiracy

If you are an ardent Advent lover, you've probably already heard of the Advent Conspiracy. It's for those of you who want more from Christmas...and by "more" I DON'T mean more gifts :) Check out this video for a brief overview:

When I was first introduced to AC a couple of years ago, it was instrumental in impacting my family's traditions. It has lead us to spend less on each other, make more gifts, get creative, and give more towards missions (local and internationally) and towards those around us in need of help or encouragement. The last few years have been exceptionally wonderful for us. I can't remember much that I've received in way of packaged gifts, but what we've received as a family in contentment, joy, quality and quantity time cannot be matched.

I hope that the recent weeks' posts have encouraged your gift making and giving, but more than that, I hope this week's post drives you to do more by doing less in some areas.

Merry Christmas & join the Conspiracy!

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