Monday, November 7, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Random Acts of Kindness and Homemade Gift #2

Did you know that November 7th is the beginning of "Random Acts of Kindness" week? You may remember a link to some great RAoK ideas a few weeks ago. Well, I searched on "Pinterest" for some more ideas (unrelated to blogging about it here) and was pleasantly surprised with THIS RAoK Advent idea (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness)! What a GREAT way to "redeem the time" and make the focus of Advent what it was truly intended to be!

I also like the timing of the "RAoK Week" because it leads up to "Veterans Day." Wouldn't it be lovely to take some time THIS week to do some "random acts" for a Veteran you know? Or perhaps you don't personally know a Veteran. Maybe you could keep your eyes peeled when you are in public for some men and women wearing flag pins or hats. You could secretly pay for their meal or coffee and perhaps leave a note of encouragement and thanks to them. Maybe you could do something for the family of a Veteran (those spouses and children have made much sacrifice, as well).

Although (I think) Veterans should often receive "special treatment", I doubt it is as commonplace as it once was. Your children may ask why you are doing it; perhaps the receiver asks as well. Make sure that your children and the Veterans know that it is more than mere appreciation, but that you are a "servant of Christ" and it is your delight to serve or encourage others so that they may see Christ.

What a GREAT opportunity that RAoK Week and Veterans Day affords us this week! Check out for more ideas!

Homemade Gift (2)
This next gift is so much fun! It's a dress up trunk! Almost every little boy or girl I know would love such a gift. Last year, I collected clothes and costumes for my niece at half price sales at thrift stores and by rummaging through my own unused collection of purses, bags, accessories and jewelry. With the Halloween season behind us, you may be able to score some great steals on costumes. Your imagination is the only limitation! Find either an old suitcase or a rubber storage container. I LOVED seeing my niece's expressions as she discovered all the treasures inside.

Another play on this idea is to make "when I grow up" kits. Maybe you collect things for an original doctor's kit (bandages, cute cold compresses), housewife's cleaning box (empty squirt bottles, aprons, cute rags), or even something imaginative like a "knight's chest" or a "space explorer's backpack". This year, I'm working on a Caboodle's box (does ANYONE remember those?!) filled with real curling and flat irons (with electrical cords removed), hair clips, hair embellishments (maybe I'll find some feathers), and fake make up. I found great inspiration for fake make up that doesn't involve the mess of the play make up. Be sure to check it out on Chasing Cheerios!

Hope this inspires your Advent Season AND your week (You don't have to save RACK for Christmas; make it Random Acts of CHRISTIAN Kindness any day!...Thanks to my friend, Kathy for that one) ;-)


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