Monday, August 8, 2011

Marvelous Monday: Pinterest!

Pinterest....heard of it? Heard of it and wonder what in the world it is? Either way, trust me. You want it.

Even if you aren't a Facebooker, you will LOVE Pinterest. There is zero pressure. It weeds out the mundane details of what your neighbor's best friend ate for dinner, where your high school BFF's sister checked in for her bi-weekly spa treatment or whose genius child went poopie on the potty at the age of 18 months (ok...I'm being a little dramatic and I do love FB-just not some of it's trivialness).

Basically, Pinterest is a bucket list of fabulous ideas at you fingertips for which you would otherwise have to read 5 years worths of subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple and Good Housekeeping to generate the same amount of creative energy.

Think back to your adolescence-did you have a bulletin board in your bedroom and live to decorate your school locker? Remember how you would cut out magazine clippings of buzz words you liked, celebrities you stalked, and the latest trends you "had" to have?

Save the bulletin board clutter, ladies. Pinterest is your technologically savvy, 2000's version of all that magazine clipping.

How it works
The jist is you sign up for Pinterest, install a "pin" on your computer toolbar and anytime you see a visual of something you like online, you "pin it" for future reference.

You have "boards" which are basically  like folders which you can label in whatever categories you like and you can organize your "pins" amongst your "boards."

It is like Facebook in that you have "friends" and you can follow your friends "boards" but there really isn't  pressure. It's just a fun way to share ideas.

You can "repin" other pins onto your boards and "like" or comment to "pins" as well.

Soooo, in summary, when you glance at your Pinterest homescreen, it is like looking at the best of the best of internet ideas and blogs all on one screen-which, in essence, saves you a ton of time--at least, if you "need" ideas. Otherwise, it could quite possibly err on the addictive, time sucking side (just a preliminary caution).

Enough of my chatter. Proof is in the puddin. Here are a few of my favorite "pins."
Store your sheets inside one of their pillowcases.
The Rain Gutter bookshelves we featured.

Halloween alternative to candy. Hello, Dollar Store!


TuTu tableskirt

DIY Ribbon Wreath
...and this doesn't even include all the fabulous recipes!

Convinced yet? On Pinterest, each picture is linked to the site from where it came so you can get all the scoop you need. See how it saves you tons of blog reading?!!? What's not to love? I know you're Pinterested so just take the plunge.

Have a Marvelous Monday and Happpppy Pinning. :)


AmyA said...

I gotta go check this out. It's too easy!

The Kaysers said...

This is such a cool idea. We need to repair a shower, and have ideas about just re-doing the whole thing. This will be a great place to save all those ideas to show my hubby! Thanks!

HPS said...

Thank ya'll for the comment love! Amya AND Kaysers, it is DEF a must for anyone in a new home or looking for ideas to spice up their existing one!!!!