Friday, August 26, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: Everything I needed to know in life....

...I learned from Peanuts...

....or maybe it's Pinterest?

Sooooo, I was perusing Pinterest and couldn't help but notice this reoccuring trend among "pins"--a little pattern called "Chevron." Call me behind the times b/c I would recognize this pattern but never knew the official "name" of it.  Apparently, it's really "caught on" in the world of accesories, clothing and home decor.
I was telling a friend about this trend because she just moved into a new house and I was envisioning a splash of Chevron...perhaps via a lil grey chevron a nice touch in her sitting room. 

Not long after, her decorator/sister  called so we inquired. She enlightened us that chevron would be considered fashion forward vs. classic traditional.

Know how once you hear about something new, it pops up like 10 million trillion times and you wonder how you never ran across it before?

Well, a few days later, good ole Stacey (remember her?...theme China) told me she was going to study at the Charlie Brown Cafe in her Chinese town. I made her promise to take a picture so she did. I wish you could see this cute lil cafe but I'm having trouble uploading the picture. Hark! The pattern on Charlie Brown's shirt was stenciled on the outside of the streetside glass windows around the whole outside perameter of the cafe.

It's alllllllllll coming full circle. Could it be that ole Chuck was the original King of Chevron? Who knew that the fashion forward need look no further than Peanuts (and maybe Pinterest) for the answers to all of life's important matters. ;)

Here a a few of my personal fav chevron sightings? 
Chevron Rug

Pink Chevron!

Yellow chevron A-line Skirt
Do you have any chevron? Do tell.

If you're feeling like adding some cheap, crafty, DIY chevron to your home this weekend, here is a step by step tutorial to put a lil splash of it at your entry way or kitchen sink. If you try it, send us a pic!

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