Friday, August 19, 2011

$10 for $50 of Christmas Cards AND $0 for $75 worth of Comfort Food

I'm sure many of you may already receive Living Social's daily deals. If not, you definitely want to sign up now! Today's deal is all the reason you need. You know how we love VistaPrint on the Roof, right?!?!? Well, right now you can get $50 worth of VistaPrint love for  only $10! I don't know about you but I'm thinking Christmas Cards!!!! The fine print says you need to use this deal by November 22 so my goal is to have my act together in the Christmas Card department (pictures taken, card done) and order those babies up early. Then, I won't be a procrastinator, won't have to pay more than the cards themselves for expedited shipping and can actually get them out before New Years. I know, I know. I sound so ambitious. It's easy to sound that way in August. You know as well as me that the proof is in the puddin, it's where the rubber meets the road, what other cliche can I come up with? So if you, too, at least want to feel ambitious in August, get your Christmas cards in August for only $10 today by going here now.

Next I know how ya'll LOVE comfort food, free stuff and to bless your friend's hearts. What's better than $75 worth of comfort food that you don't have to make?

a comforting alternative to flowers
Truth is, it will only be a matter of time before you fall in the category of either needing your own heart blessed and/or feeling like you should bless somebody else's heart...which means ALL of you need to go here pronto to enter the $75 Comfort Food {Giveaway!} courtesy of Sympathy Food. I think I mentioned the other day that this site, (Finding Hope), is one of my new babies so it would be great if you wanted to help me with any feedback and spread the word about it!

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