Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Train Up Tuesday: Reaping Care

I sometimes wonder if my boys will step in when Social Security is nonexistent (most likely our lifetimes, right?). That's part of what I hope I am sowing into by being at home with my boys - caring for them, teaching and training them to love others as Christ loves us, and looking out for each other.

I love being there for them when they have a boo-boo (and let's face it...we've only JUST begun with boo-boos - 3 boys and only one that's hit the 5 year old mark). I don't make a huge ordeal over each one, but I let them know that mommy cares about each little bump and bruise.

I was delighted in the last week to see myself "reaping" already some of what I hope my boys are learning. I was making breakfast for the boys and just barely burned a knuckle of one of my fingers. No big deal and I didn't make much of a yelp at all. However, my middle son noticed :) He looked it over carefully and immediately ran to the bathroom to get me some "cream" and what he knew was the LAST Toy Story band-aid (that's a big deal, ya know). The best part though was, of course, the kiss to top it all off.

Also, last week (unrelated) my oldest told me that when I "get wrinkles like a grandma" he'll "still think I'm pretty."

So, when I'm old, wrinkly, and need care from others, I'm thankful to know that my body and spirit will be in good hands - those of my boys, my husband, and God.

Have a great week!


HPS said...

This is a sweet post, Ash. It also has me tickled b/c my sister-in-law and my BFF both have three boys too and along with wondering if their son's wives will agree to take care of them, want to write down now things they will need to remember as a mother-in-law so that their daughter-in-laws will AGREE and WANT to take care of them. :)

Ashlie Miller said...

That is a GREAT point, Hannah. I find myself praying for my future d-i-ls, too sometimes. I want them to want to come over here, because we know that usually the wife has the "run" over the social/family gatherings. ;-) And having them take care of their m-i-l is something I need to consider praying about, too!

Melanie said...

I love it!