Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stay at Home Saturday: Savory Smackerel~Fix n Freeze Part 2

Last week we began a special Savory Smackerel Series here on the topic of Fix n' Freezes...what they are, our insight gained through trial and error and maybe a freezer friendly recipe or two. If any of you are experienced at FNFs we would love for you to throw in your 2 cents! Feel free to comment on this post, email us at roofwithaview (at) gmail (dot) com or join our Facebook group here.

Without further ado, today's FNF tips will be helpful on the topic of recipes. Some things we've learned are:
  • Once you have formed a FNF group with friends of similar sized families that have similar tastebuds as you AND shared your dislikes/preferences, select your recipes.
  • Do not select a recipe that you've never made or perfected. Trust me on this. A recipe may look easy and seem foolproof but if something is going to go wrong, it WILL go wrong when you are making it for 15 other people and you don't want to be the FNF flop. I fear I may have been the flop on our last FNF go round with a Sloppy Joe recipe I deviated to at the last moment. I thought it may be better than my usual. I should've stuck w/ my usual! Also, two nights ago, I made something I thought was a surefire FNF hit for the next go round. I was sadly mistaken and glad I tested it on my family first before disappointing three other families, too. Pheweeee. Close call. 
  • Share your recipe that you've selected with your FNF partners to make sure they give an A-OK and aren't repulsed. Hopefully, they'll be honest with you. :)
One hit from our last FNF round was this Taco Pie. Even my babies liked it~especially the crust! Try it out first, add your own little touches and I assure you it can be a hit for your next FNF, too (or even just for your own freezer).

Next week, we'll share some tips on how to keep down the costs if you are planning your own FNF.

Happy Saturday, ya'll!


Ashlie Miller said...

I haven't done the FNF group thing yet, though my sister and I have combined meals together from time to time. GREAT advice on trying it out first ;-) I have a yummy chicken casserole that is my "go-to" for freezing and super easy to make (that is the key for me!)

HPS said...

Ash, would love to see your chicken cassyro recipe!