Monday, March 14, 2011

Marvelous Monday: St. Patty's Food Fun

March 17. St. Patrick's Day. This coming Thursday.

Whether or not you're Irish, St. Patty's Day can just be a little something fun to give you a reason to deviate from the norm and have some family friendly fun. Maybe you already have some ideas up your sleeves. If not, maybe these will help get those creative juices flowing in the area of creative food without adding green food coloring to everything under the sun. Don't get tooooo excited cuz we're keepin' it preeeettttty basic here, but your kids might likey.

  • One blog I read suggested topping your favorite healthy muffins recipe or mix with cream cheese an green sprinkles for some added flair.
  • I also have learned that you can use a heart cookie cutter, cut three hearts, put them together and it makes a shamrock. This could work w/ toast or french toast, girls.
  • I'm thinking about trying these Naturally Green Sweet Pea Streusel Muffins. I like the name. Think the munchkins will go for them? I mean, they do have chocolate chips in them. I can hear my mother right now telling me those look not very good.
  • Remember the heart cookie cutter turned shamrock idea from above? Take it to the limits, baby....tortillas, quesadillas, sandwiches. Name your (or your child's) pleasure.

Dinner ideas :
Actually, this is me needing you to get my creative juices flowing in this department.
  • Shepherd's Pie may be a hit for some families. In others, it may make the children dread SPD. If you decide to make it, one option could be to make the mashed potatoes green w/ spinach puree but then again...risk of creating a holiday tradition the kids may dread? Maybe you have some better ideas since "green" foods aren't typically at the top of my three year olds list.
  • Sweet Peas?
  • Green Beans?
  • Cole slaw?
LOL. OK. I'm at a loss for surefire hits in this category. Somebody help this sister out. I'm starting to think our best bet is to make homemade shamrock shaped pizzas. Hey, the heart shaped ones are a hit at Valentine's Day!

Fun Snack/Dessert:
Would you believe these are yogurt covered pretzels?!?!? Cuteness. Click here to make your own.
What we called Grasshopper Pie was one of my all time fav desserts as a child and it was a very special treat when my mom made it! Click here for recipe. Note: Make green by using green Mint Choc. Chip ice cream. I guar-an-tee this will be a crowd pleaser! :)
Happy Monday, ya'll. Have a Marvelous one.

Love ya,

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