Friday, February 25, 2011

Free-for-all Friday: Craft time

On Monday, I posted some birthday tips I recently learned and am tucking away in my memory for future celebrations. Donna told me I should post the cupcake craft from the party. It was really easy and you could probably adapt it in some way for any occasion.

Here is what you need:

Any size terra cotta pot and water dish

I got the idea from a Christmas craft my daughter brought home from preschool~a candy cane jar (see... it really is a versatile craft). Hats off to her teachers who were brave enough to let a class of 10 three year olds get into paints!

And here, you have the cupcake pot!

If you are brave like the preschool teachers, you can have the little guests paint their own pots. This time, my sister and I went ahead and painted the mini-pots in the party colors for the girls and boys and glued the "cherries" on top.  Note: in the candy cane pot above, painted wooden knobs were glued on top to serve as a knob to pull the top off. We just used pink and red fuzzy balls and they serve the purpose fine.

Initially, I was going to do bigger terra cotta pots and dishes but I'm glad I ended up choosing the mini ones b/c the fit in a cupcake stand (kinda~if you didn't breathe on them~ha!) and made a nice centerpiece before and after craft time...toppled over and all...wish I'd gotten a pic before the topple.

Sooooo...for the craft, the kids decorated their "cupcakes" w/ stickers, glitter glue and beads. The glitter glue proved me juuuust brave enough for our cute little crowd (ranging from age 2 to 6). :) My fav line as I saw the red glitter glue covered all over one cupcake was, "Look! I made a chocolate cupcake!" Priceless. My other fav line was "When do we get to eat a REAL cupckake?" Again, priceless.

The munchkins were precious as they so diligently decorated their cupcakes. I've never seen eight children so still and quiet so I'd say the cupcake craft was a success!

Let us know if you use this in any shape or fashion for your next celebration so we can join in the fun!


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