Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: The 12 of Christmas

Only a few days left until Christmas! I know you are all super busy, even if you aren't into the over-commercialization and big spending.

That being said, I hate the idea of giving you another "project", but I think this one could be worthwhile to all the readers and ultimately could adjust your Christmas focus just where it should be...on the Christ.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas." Not sure what you think of it. I know the origins and meaning of it vary. Some people think it's those last 12 days before Christmas; actually it starts Christmas day and goes through the New Year week. One thing is for certain...the lyrics are LOOooonnnggg and easily confused ;-D (Is it 11 lords a leaping or 11 ladies dancing...or neither?).

I am a new subscriber of a great magazine - "The Old Schoolhouse". Evidently, each year they write an article on the 12 Days of Christmas. This year, however, they opted to write a wonderful article on how your family can celebrate the 12 names of Christ! Without stealing what they have written, perhaps we can come up with some great ways to teach the importance of those Precious Names to our children:

1. Wonderful
2. Counselor
3. The Mighty God
4. The Everlasting Father
5. The Prince of Peace
6. Emmanuel (God with Us)
7. A Savior (Christ the Lord)
8. Jesus
9. The Lamb of God
10. The Light of the World
11. The Good Shepherd
12. The Alpha and Omega

So, have at it. In the comments, choose a number(s) and submit an idea for teaching the principle to our families. Perhaps it's a song, searching Scriptures, a unit study, craft, activity or something beyond!

Anxiously awaiting and hoping your Christmas is wonderful,

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