Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Happy Hookum Holidays!

At a loss for a Christmas gift? I've found one for you!!!!

Background: I have a great friend dating allllll the way back to my high school days named Britt. It so happen's that Britt's hubby, Joe, has come up with a brainchild. It's a game called Hookum. In Britt and Joe's family Christmas Card, I received a VIP card w/ a great Hookum discount and it seemed a great solution for a hard to buy for family member which also happens to LOVE games. I ordered it promptly and it arrived lickety split.

What is Hookum? This video sold me (by the way, the beautiful blonde Hookum champ is sweet Britt).

We are sooooo excited that Joes wants to let The Roof in on part of all this Hookum hubbub. He would like to host a giveaway! Joe says:

It’s that time of year again. The trees are lit. The stockings are hung. The presents are…oh yeah, the presents.

Your kids are easy. Your friends don’t really need anything. But what to buy for the man in your life? His list is generally short and expensive…not very helpful. Why? When a man recognizes something he needs, he buys it. So you have to think of something that, A) he hasn’t thought of, and B) he will enjoy just the same.

Luckily, we’ve found just the thing. It’s called Hookum. And it is the perfect gift this holiday season. For husbands and boyfriends, it is inexpensive, easy, and novel. Perfect for a man cave or entertainment area. But here’s the best part about it: it’s fun for just about anyone!

Hookum takes a ring toss game born in the Caribbean, makes it multiplayer, and adds a triple dose of excitement. The goal is to swing your ring onto your hook. And while that sounds simple, it is tantalizingly difficult.

Hookum expands to over two feet tall and easily collapses to stow out of the way. It’s great for parties and entertaining. Just leave it out and people will gravitate to it. It sets up in seconds, it doesn’t require a huge investment of time and it can be enjoyed by just about everyone.

Around the holidays, we’re always looking for reasons to get together with family and friends. Hookum is often the centerpiece that allows us to gather for a little competition and a big laugh.

Want to try Hookum? We are giving RWAV readers a special discount: Visit and enter this code to get 25% off + FREE shipping! [25OFFCOUPON]

Ladies, we know you love a deal so if you want to be sure to get your Hookum in time for Christmas, don't delay taking Joes up on his generous offer! In the meantime, be sure to enter the giveaway to win your very own.

Giveaway guidelines:
We're going to keep it simple and clean. Comment on this post. Equal chance. Fair and square for all. Hurry to enter because we'll announce the giveaway on Sunday so maaaaybe you'll get your Hookum in time for your holiday entertaining.

Also, something you have to look forward to tomorrow is Wednesday in the Word with GLENDA!!!!! Please be sure to welcome her back so she'll staaaaay back. :)

A special thank you to Joe Parrish for hosting our giveaway. Glenda, can't wait till tomorrow!

Love ya'll,


Ashlie Miller said...

Great game! I didn't know about this game until we went to the beach this year. I saw a single "hookum" line on a porch hooked up and just thought it was a weird clothes line....until someone from West Virginia (go figure...and no offense!) told me what it was ;-D

Callie said...

This would be great for 2 reasons--one, we LOVE games (in fact, it's our go-to wedding gift, we always give 5 or 6 high quality games b/c we find people don't own them, they're fun, and they're easy to exchange for others if they already have that one) and two, my man is like yours--impossible to shop for!

The Jones' said...

Would love to win this fun game...we are definitely a game-type family!

Becky Robinson said...

My sister and her family love games. Every year for Christmas I try to get her a game she will love. This looks like a great game. Giving her this game would make us both happy! : )

Melanie said...

I know this would be fun because I was smiling just watching the video. It would be a great addition to our "Double Date Night" fun! Last time we played girls against the guys and we girls. Maybe...just maybe the guys would beat us girls in Hookum.
I'd love to win it and find out.

Melanie said...

Meant to say, "we girls won."

Happy Four said...

This game looks amazing!

Mama Hen said...

Hi! I came over from MSM. Please enter me. I think my hubby and two boys would love this.
clarksrfun at gmail dot com