Friday, November 19, 2010

Free-for-all Friday: Thanksgiving Decoration and FUN

Thanksgiving Countdown....6 days!

We've touched on some pumpkin recipes here and a potential Thanksgiving centerpiece here (added note: you could surround your Thankful tree w/ pumpkins, indian corn, gourds, acorns, beautiful leaves from your yard). We've let our tastebuds bring back some old memories with a family recipe here.

You probably aren't dying to add more to your already lengthy to do list but what else?Let's keep it sweet and simple.

You may want to add these simply decorative placecards to greet your Thanksgiving guests to their seats. All you need is leaves from outside (pine cones optional) and a paint pen or Sharpie.

(found here)

Now, how about some entertainment and/or an icebreaker!?!? Some of you are going to roll your eyes and think I'm crazy (maybe I am) but TRUST ME that these entertainment ideas will lighten the Turkey Day air (even if there may be some family feuders in the room) and bring out the fun in even the stiffest neck of the group. It doesn't take much additional planning and will create a fun memory for all! Are you ready for this? Take a deep breath and just let yourself loosen up a bit.

First, a little craft never hurt anybody. Here's a fun craft we've done for kids and adults alike~trace your hand on a banner and decorate it to make your very own turkey. Then, each person must name their turkey. Here is our 2008 family of turkeys.

See...everybody's still smiling and actually having fun!
OK-the entertainment portion is my FAV. How bout a little game of...drum roll...Pin the Tailfeathers on Tomissa (the girl version of Tom) Turkey?!?!? I'll add that this is especially powerful to the tune of Cheetah Girls "Shake Your Tail Feathers." You never know...things might even get a little rowdy. It's OK! Rowdy=FUN!

It's OK if you're not an artist. The concept is pretty simple.

Don't forget to blindfold the pinner and spin them around. Seeeeeee...once again, everyone is smiling and even having fun! This would be my Daddy mischieviously (mis)guiding my mom to pin her tailfeather after he had fun relentlessly spinning her ('s fun for all ages)!

You're not too old for such fun. Let your hair down and have some fun making different memories with your families. I encourage you to think out of the box. Let us know what you come up with! Happy Thanksgiving!

Love ya'll!



Ashlie Miller said...

You guys are the best way ;-) Love it!

Anonymous said...

What great ideas. I love the trace your hand idea and decorate your!

Caroline Grossman