Monday, November 15, 2010

Mahvelous Monday: Thankful Tree

Please join us over the next few days as we prepare our hearts and homes to share Thanksgiving. It's the Thanksgiving Countdown....11 days!

Richelle (Carolina Clipper) shared this idea last Thanksgiving and it's a great Thanksgiving idea to implement again. You could even do it every night at dinner from now until Thanksgiving to have your tree REAL full! How fun. Carolina Clipper says:

This is a Thanksgiving tradition that we started a few years ago. It was the way we announced our pregnancy with our second son. It's always special to look back over the years and read what we were thankful for. Here are the details:

Cut as many leaves out of autumn-colored papers as you have guests. Ask each person to write down what they are thankful for, and place them on the tree or in a basket or bowl on the dinner table. If you have one of those little wrought iron trees that you can set on your Thanksgiving table, this will make a beautiful centerpiece. Tie little ribbons through a hole in the top of each leaf, so they can be hung on your "Thankful Tree." Take turns reading them as you enjoy dessert, then collage them into a Thanksgiving album as an after dinner activity.

Wouldn't it be neat to make a scrapbook to add the leaves each year and be able to look at them in years to come?! What a special way to remember what the Lord has done in our families from year to year.
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P.S.S. One of our Roof w/ a View women put up her tree on Saturday. You heard right. She sure did! Has anyone else?


ppreacherswife said...

I love this idea! I may implement it this year with my own family!

Happy Four said...

What a great idea that could be implemented any time of the it! Our Christmas tree is already 5 year old kept on asking :)