Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Missing Wednesdays in the Word?

Hey ya'll!

Hope this post finds you enjoying fall and steering clear of these twisters that are picking on the Midwest and us down in the Southeast.

Did any of you wonder what happened to Wednesdays in the Word? Well, Glenda's been a little on the busy side~she had twin grandchildren, her son's wedding in Alaska and a reception for family on her side of the motherland, a traveling husband in ministry and keeping up with the schedule of a teenager at home. Two words...FULL PLATE. Her heart is still very much bent towards young moms b/c that is when scripture became alive to her.

BUT in the midst of all of the above, she was asked to do a book along with her husband about grief and how they found hope in the midst of losing their youngest son. This book will be out in March. In the meantime...

It's clear that there are many, many people that have suffered loss and and are learning to wear the grief that has become their new reality. Because of the need in this realm and the multitudes on facebook, they did not want to delay providing a unique place for grieving people to get together and share, ask questions, but most importantly find HOPE.

If you or someone you know has experienced loss, please visit Finding Hope in Times of Grief on Facebook and share in whatever way you feel led (see the discussion tab). Your experience and thoughts could be the voice of thousands of others that can't muster up the strength to speak and maybe even the catalyst for them to begin healing in some of the most painful parts of their journey. In the meantime, the Lord may even use it to provide unexpected healing for you or a loved one. Regardless, I pray that you and those close to you will gain an even greater sense of hope through having Jesus Christ as your anchor!

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