Monday, March 30, 2009

What to do with all those shopping bags!

I must admit, I haven't done as much shopping lately because we're trying to cut back. But I have saved lots of bags over the years. I use and re-use them until they're worn out. I put all my bags in this pink bin. Not very organized, but just a place to throw them in a hurry. I noticed that some of the handles of these bags are ribbons. Oooooh, la, la! An idea popped into my head. I LOVE a ribbon! So, here's what I did with them... Untie the knot and pull it through the hole.Iron ribbons.I used the letters to paste on envelopes or packages for the first initial of a name. It adds a little flair. Voila! A cute little package. This only took minutes to finish. And, I felt very resourceful! I'm gonna take this bag apart next...Be creative. The possibilities are endless. Don't let those ribbons go to waste. A ribbon makes everything a little sweeter! Enjoy your Monday! God Bless.


Melanie said...

Good thinking!
My family still laughs (makes fun) at me about the time when I turned a used Lays chip bag inside out, washed it and was going to use it for a gift bag. The inside was shiny silver. They highly discouraged me from embarrassing them like that. So I discarded that idea.

Glenda said...

Great ideas, thank you.
Would love to hear about last Thursday night.

Amanda said...

Cute idea! I've got tons of those bags b/c I can't bear to throw them away, but they are just taking up space. Thanks for the idea!

HPS said...

So creative, Ang! Now I know why our giveaway winner mentioned that she LOVED the box her treat came in. Way to put on the flair. LOVE IT and love YOU!

Happy Four said...

Incredible idea! Thank you so much for sharing and providing the visuals too!

Kristi said...

First of, I thought your pink container was already a cute idea for your bags! Way cuter than the cabinet I shove mine into!

Secondly - love the creativity! What a super cute box. You are awesome.