Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: Your Reading is Good for the Kids

Hey sisters! Nothing "deep" today ;-) Too hot these days to be thinking of anything profound, I suppose.

Weeks ago, I had asked your suggestions on reading material for women during the summer. Though I did receive quite a few responses, I have hesitated on posting them. Not because the books aren't worthy of mention, but mainly because of my concern of recommending things I haven't actually read myself.

That being said, please feel free to leave a comment to this post (wake up "lurkers"!) ;-D What are you reading this summer. Has it met your expectations or left you disappointed? Would you truly recommend it to a friend...or stranger if it meant that they may assume things about you or your convictions upon reading it? What books have entertained you?

I am currently reading "For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School", by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay, a book explaining Charlotte Mason methods and discussing what it means to have a Christian world view and the impact it has on life and education. So far, I'm loving it....especially since we are using the Charlotte Mason approach for my almost kindergarten boy.

I'm also reading "Little House on the Freeway: Help for the Hurried Home", by Tim Kimmel. This book speaks of the balance needed in our daily lives and the importance of real rest in our homes and families. Again, thus far, it seems to be a great, helpful read.

I've also read or am reading a couple of books that remind me of my childhood - "Anne of Green Gables" by L.M. Montgomery (I LOVED the miniseries from the 80's!) and "Pollyanna" by Eleanor H. Porter (again, love that classic Disney movie). I never actually read either of those growing up, though I adored the lead characters. "Anne of Green Gables" was even more delightful than the miniseries! I am just beginning "Pollyanna" with my kids. They actually ask me to read it to them every night, which surprises me, because the Disney movie version is quite different (at least in the early chapters) from the book. But we are enjoying it together.

I'm learning (thanks to exposure to Charlotte Mason) that it is important to let children see adults reading...and enjoying what they are reading. It has that trickle down effect. And in sharing my reading experience with my children, they learn to think about what they are hearing (no pictures!) and appreciate someone else's work, all the while allowing their little minds to imagine things for themselves.

So, that's what we're up to these days.

Again, please share what you are reading (appropriate content only, please) ;-)

Hope you are staying cool,


HPS said...

Anne of Green Gables was my FAV...still is!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get reading! I'm looking for some good books to read on my LOOONNNG flight to Alaska. I think I'm going to try THE HELP. Other suggestions welcome!

sara said...

Great book, so many classics to choose. Keep reading!


Ginny Alley McCullough said...

Currently reading one by Elizabeth Elliot "Let me be a woman" and also by Beth Moore, "So Long, Insecurity". Both are great reads thus far. The Beth Moore book speaks to women in all stages of life...great for any woman. I'd recommend them both :)

Liquid Roof said...

Its really been a very informative post indeed. I have learn a lot from your post. Thanks for sharing such valuable stuff with us.

Happy Four said...

I love Anne of Green Gables so much that my hubby and I visited Prince Edward Island. The movie is awesome too! Thanks for the book tip ideas.

Ashlie Miller said...

Happy Four...P.E. Island is on my list of places I want to go....mainly because of the amazing scenery from the movie :) I'm sure it was quite spectacular!