Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Train Up Tuesday: Something Worth Getting Stuck in Your Ear

Ah, interesting TUT title, eh? Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest putting anything in your kid’s ear that’s “smaller than your elbow.” (Did you ever hear that rule growing up? I know I heard something like that somewhere growing up. I always wondered... “who in the world figured THAT one out?” Anyway...) ;-)

No, I’m talking this week about “earworms”. Do you know that phrase? It’s one I’ve been using for years, but I never actually looked up the word until I was getting ready for this blog entry (you can check it out on wikipedia, if you like). You know what one is, even if you’ve never heard of this word. It’s that song (usually a most annoying one) that gets stuck in your head and usually decides to try to play itself out by repeating the tune over and over again in your head....usually at the most inconvenient times...say when you wake up at 2:00am (can you tell I speak from experience?). I find that it usually is one of those songs that is pretty simple and usually a very repetitive type melody. You know what type of songs are almost ALWAYS made up of those ingredients? KIDS’ SONGS!!! - whether it’s a VeggieTales song (I'm not hating on them...we love VT!), a song from a favorite program or video, or even the song that gets “stuck” on one of your children’s toys.

This is exactly why parents dread letting their kids pick out music when riding in the car! Classical music has worked wonders for me (as you may remember me mentioning last week). But, this week, I want to introduce you to something that would be okay to get stuck in your ear ;-) It’s Seeds Family Worship. I learned about them earlier this year and have been delighted to expand my Seeds library over the last few months. Each cd is a collection of verses with a common theme (Courage, Faith, Praise, Purpose, and Encouragement) set to music...good music...that you, as a parent will actually enjoy listening to regularly.

Hear a sample here from the Seeds of Courage. There is also a youtube channel. Check out this video to see where Seeds Family Worship got their start:

One of the great things about the “Seeds” packaging is that each cd comes with 2 copies - one for you and one to give away (as in, planting seeds in someone else’s life)! What a great idea! I gave my extra copies away to my siblings and their families. My brother-in-law and sister recently went on a road trip with two little ones, and they said
they actually liked this music better than much of what they hear on the radio (even Christian radio)! I think you will enjoy it, too. It is an especially invaluable tool for family worship.

You can also learn more about Seeds Family Worship by visiting their website -, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following their Twitter account (@seedsworship). Also, if you sign up for their monthly newsletter, you will receive an opportunity to download a free song each month!

Are any of you familiar with this ministry? What other music ministries focused towards families or learning scripture do you like?

Enjoy the music!


The Sneaky Mommy said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! I had never heard of this ministry before, but I can't leave this comment fast enough so I can go back and place an order!
We really enjoy Sovereign Grace Music and have picked up their children's CDs. They are rich in deep theology and have the Gospel beautifully woven throughout their music.
Can't wait to add this to our collection...and have one to share! Brilliant!
Thank you so much for sharing! I love the whole ear worm thing, too! I might be sharing this on my blog soon! What a treasure!

Ashlie Miller said...

"Sneaky Mommy"...thanks for the music suggestion. I just checked out and will be looking at more of their stuff in the very near future!

Well, I'm glad I enlightened someone with the whole "earworm" thing. Wasn't sure how that was gonna go! :D