Friday, January 8, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~ Super Doubles

Harris Teeter is having Super Doubles 1/6 - 1/12!!! What does "super doubles" mean? Any coupon that is $1.98 or less will double!! This results in lots of FREE or GDA (good deal anyway) products. Since HT doubles coupons .99 or less every day of the year, the key to this super doubles week is to focus on coupons between $1.00-1.98. Click here to see Harris Teeters coupon policy.

Click here to see my first shopping trip when I spent $1.85 and I saved $56.90.
How to prepare for Super Doubles:
  1. Organize coupons. Make sure you have everything cut and filed. I know this seems obvious, but if you try to skip this step everything else will be more difficult. Click here to see how I use my coupon box.
  2. See what's on sale. The easiest way to do this is to go to Southern Savers and Hot Coupon World. They list the item on sale, the corresponding coupon, and the final price. They also list items that are not on sale but are a good deal anyway with coupons.
  3. Print coupons. Use the links provided in the Southern Saver and HCW websites to print internet coupons. Remember to flip your paper over and hit the back button to print the same coupon twice. (I don't pull out my Sunday paper coupons prior to my trip. I found this was more work in the long run if the item was out of stock, priced higher than expected, or I just decided against it. This is a matter of personal preference.)
  4. Make your list. Click here to access my grocery list by aisle document. I write the things from Southern Saver and HCW that I want to purchase. I include the anticipated price next to the item so I can see if it matches while I'm in the store. Because only 20 coupons per day will double I highlight the items I hope to get on my first shopping trip. Obviously, the free items tend to go first.
  5. Shop! I go first thing Wednesday morning with my shopping list, internet printable coupons, coupon box, and reusable bags.
Let me know how you do!

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Ashlie Miller said...

NICE work! I just came from HT and thought I did pretty well spent $59 saved $83 (there were a few items that I needed that were on special but no coupons - meats and veggies and such). You are definitely a pro!