Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stay at Home Saturday

Tried and True Tip
Got any old shower caddies laying around? Here are two ideas for putting them to good use:

I use this shower caddy as a toy and book corral in my car. It fits perfectly between the two car seats!
You can also position a divided caddy on the edge of a crib. When your baby awakens from a nap, she can pull toys out to play until you're ready to get her. Of course, this only works with babies tall enough to stand and reach into the bin!


I got this recipe from my friend, Amy, and it makes enough for an army! It is easy and quick to make, and you can add a little nutritional value by using whole grain pasta and lower fat cheeses. You can assemble this in the morning (or even the night before) and refrigerate until you are ready to bake it. Just let it sit out 30 minutes beforehand to come closer to room temperature before you bake. When I make this we often eat it twice during the week. Cook once, eat twice!

Baked Ziti

2 jars pasta sauce
1 lb. ziti or penne
16 oz. ricotta cheese
1 lb. mozzarella cheese (I buy slices to save time, but you can certainly buy a block and grate it)
1 egg, beaten

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease 13x9 pan.
2. Cook the pasta slightly al dente (it will cook more while baking).
3. Mix the egg and ricotta cheese together.
4. Pour a thin layer of sauce into the pan.
5. Add a layer of pasta.
6. Put the ricotta/egg in globs all over the pasta.
7. Add a layer of mozzarella.
8. Cover with a layer of sauce.
9. Repeat layers.
10. Bake for 30-40 minutes.


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HPS said...

Great shower caddy idea!!! I bet you could find those at the dollar store too!!! Will keep my eyes peeled. Thanks for today's Sahs!