Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursday ~ Coupon Burnout Club

Are you tired of clipping, sorting, and filing coupons? Do you know this week is triples but can't get your act together and don't really care anyway? Welcome to the Coupon Burnout Club. I've been there a few times. If you're there now, I encourage you to take a break! Here are a few easy tips on how YOU can save money without the Sunday paper.

1. Remember, most of your savings come for the sale price, not the coupon. The below picture is from my Harris Teeter shopping trip last week. I spent $86.98 and saved $134.77! In this example, if I didn't have one single coupon, I still would have saved $90.89!!! Simply make a shopping list from the items that are on sale. Point: Skip the coupons and you will still save over 50%!

2. Use your printer. In the above example, I can't help but point out that I saved an additional $43.88 from coupons. However, $8.50 of those coupon savings was from Internet printable coupons (IP's). When you plan your shopping list from websites such as Southern Savers it will tell you exactly what's on sale and if there is an existing coupon to match that sale. Just click on the link and print the IP's from home! Tip: After you print the coupon click the "back" button to print a second coupon.

3. Only shop at one grocery store. When I first started shopping the sales I would go to four stores per week. Wow! I'm exhausted just typing that. Remember that sales run on cycles and if you stock up when items are at their lowest price there's no need to go to other stores. Simply wait a few more weeks and those items will come on sale at the store that you frequent the most. Tip: Click here to learn how to know if something is at the lowest price.