Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stay-at-home Saturday: Cleaning Day. Ugh.

You will not find anyone that hates cleaning the house more than I do. No one. Anywhere. I hate it. It seems pointless to me because as soon as I clean something, it gets dirty again. And the house is never totally clean. There's always something dirty. Even if I've done all of my regular cleaning and the house is sparkling, my baseboards are there to remind me that I've never cleaned them. Ever. My blinds can say the same thing. Ugh. I know, I know, I just wrote a post on the importance of keeping your kitchen sponge clean. There is no explanation, except to say that e.coli scares me. Mildew in my shower does not.

To make things more manageable, I try to employ the same cleaning technique as the Carolina Clipper - a little each day goes a very long way (I just made that up!). I'm okay at this, but not great. However, there are some tasks that MUST be done that I cannot ignore forever. For example, cleaning the bathroom. I can only ignore the bathroom for so long before the pink ring around the drain stares back at me everytime I brush my teeth.

For this reason, I started timing some of the tasks I do the most. When I look at them time-wise, they seem a lot more manageable. It turns out that cleaning the master bath only takes 13 minutes (this does not include the shower; that's a different day because I hate it so much). Unloading the dishwasher usually takes 5 minutes. Vacuuming and dusting the downstairs? A mere 30 minutes.

Looking at my tasks this way helps me muster the energy to tackle something. Now if someone could just show me how to keep the clutter off the floor so I could actually vacuum it . . .




Anonymous said...


I like your approach to putting a time frame on all your projects, because when you break it down like that, you are correct, it really is not that much time to spend.

Thank you(I think) cause now I do not have any reason to not get my cleaning done.

Dennis Ivie- The Shiny Ball
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Ashlie Miller said...

I don't know, Amy...I may hate it as much (or more, dare I say) as you. In fact, before I read this, last night, I just promised my husband that I would be getting back "on track" with my "cleaning". I have found that I have had the most success when I write out on a calendar what I'd like to have accomplished for that day/week/month so that I can get a grasp of it all. I do find that if I write things out, it helps me accomplish more (not ALL!). More is, well, more than nothing, right? ;-) Thanks for your transparency.