Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Training alonside our teachers


I wanted to pass along some combined ideas I got from fellow moms on how to encourage your child's teacher. For the first week of school I put together a "survival" kit with the following content (all of it I got at Walmart, some in the travel toiletry section)

1) travel size Advil and Tylenol
2) small bottle of body spray (it is hot in Texas on the playground!)
3) chocolate
4) fun pen
5) creative sticky notes
6) Kleenex (personal size)
7) hair bands
8) tic tacs
9) first aid kit
10)throw away tooth brush
11)hand lotion
12) tide stain stick
13) note of encouragement!

Now, I know you can be creative. I put my stuff in a gift bag but I heard of an idea to get a small paint can from Home Depot and dress it up. I was also thinking about a cute bag that zips. Be inspired by what works for you!

The most important part is the note. I simply said thank you for giving your time to help in raising my son. I also told her I was praying for her today and throughout the year. Keep it simple but honest.

Enjoy being back to school!

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HPS said...

This is so sweet, Annie. Now that I've tried VistaPrint (all free stuff and personalized), that would be a great place to get teacher's notepads, pens, etc. personalized! I'll keep this idea tucked away for school days.