Friday, July 17, 2009

Free-for-all Friday~Divine Consign 09 (Fall)!

Do you love to dress your children in quality and customized clothing (you know...appliques, smocked, monogrammed, boutique brands) but not at the expense?!??! If the answer is yes, Divine Consign will be your best friend twice a year (Spring and Fall)! Not only can you make money by consigning your own child's quality and customized clothing but you can stock up on your child's wardrobe for the upcoming season. It's a one-stop shop!

If you are interested and live in the Cobb County (Atlanta area) or Raleigh, NC area, you are in luck because the registration to be a consignor begins TODAY!!!!! Go to their website now (, click on the show in your city and register. It's easy peasy! The only thing left to do is clean out those closets and get ready to make some moolah. :)

...and if you live near Charlotte, NC, Montgomery, AL, Corinth, MS or Williamsburg, VA, be sure to check their website for details because there will be a fall show in your area, too!

See ya'll at the sale!

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