Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Training Up Tuesday: Summer Learning Fun For Your Preschooler!

My four year old daughter is at the stage where she wants to write and draw all the time. Several times throughout the day, she will go get her art box and just draw or write out as many letters as she can. Now that school is out, I know that I have the responsibility to work with her on her letters, her name, and her numbers. I made a stop by the Dollar Tree a few months ago and purchased some learning books to help her trace letters and numbers, but then a friend gave me the idea to get free copies of traceable letters and numbers online and just print them out whenever I need some!

I googled "traceable names" and came up and it is great! It has hundreds of names in it's database. You just click on your child's name and print out copies to trace. Each page has three printouts of the name you choose for your child to trace. I have printed out many copies and my daughter loves to trace her name. Click here to access the site.

And for more fun, click here to copy free dot-to-dot color pages for your children. These are easy, preschool friendly pages, generally with numbers 1-10. Plus it's great for children to do while mommy makes dinner and needs an activity to occupy noisy children:)


Annie Mendrala said...

This is great! My oldest needs to really work on the lower case and this will make it more fun.

Carolina Clipper said...

Thanks Donna. I printed out the name sheets for my 4 year old. Fun!